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Wine Tasting Limo Tours the Bay Area Way

Being in California one cannot miss out on the numerous vineyards and wineries in the Bay Area. California is home to the finest tasting wines in the world and the Bay Area just happens to have some of the most popular vineyards and wineries.

Santa Clara’s Halcon Vineyards is just ready for a wine-tasting tour anytime. Plan your wine tour to taste the fine-tasting wines of Halcon Vineyards and enjoy a splendid daytime getaway to the unique and authentic wine county as you and your friends enjoy the scenic beauty of Santa Clara’s vineyard landscape. Take the wine tour in sheer comfort and elegance by getting a chauffeur-driven stretch limo from Dardi Limousine Services to bring you and your friends at the Halcon Vineyards. And because it is a wine tour, with the finest tasting wines at the cellars of Halcon Vineyards, it will be expected that one taste can become two or more. And since you have a professional chauffeur driving the classy limo, who needs to worry about having wine one sip too many?

Coterie CellarsCordon Creek Cellars, Coterie Cellars, J Lohr Vineyards and Wines, Stefania Wine – these are just some of the famous wineries and vineyards in San Jose. And each of them welcomes wine connoisseur or not to visit their vineyards and have a sample of their fine tasting wine collections. You can get your friends to join you hopping from one vineyard to another in the most luxurious and comfortable stretch limousine from Dardi Limousine Service. Give your itinerary to the chauffeur and let him arrange the travel path where you can get to enjoy the best vineyard landscape views from the roadside. Get a warm welcome from each of the wineries’ wine specialist who will give you a guided tour of the vineyard. And get the chance to taste the finest quality wine selection they reserve for special guests like you. And while all the wine tasting can get you and your friends a bit tipsy, you can still enjoy a relaxing ride back to the city in Dardi’s limo.

San Francisco is home to many of the famous vineyards producing award-winning handcrafted wines from 5 Points Cellar, Cameron Hughes Wine, Envolve Winery, Eristavi Winery among the many others. Each of these wineries welcomes wine tasting tours and visit. Take your favourite limo chauffeur from Dardi Limousine Services and his ever-reliable stretch limo and pick up your girl friends along the way as you head to these four famous wineries in San Francisco. Get on a road trip with your wine connoisseur friends and compare the tastes of the award winning wine selection from each winery. Enjoy the breeze as you pass through beautiful vineyard landscapes on the way to the wineries. Take a bottle or two as you head back to the city in a most comfortable journey ever.

Oakland has its share of premier wineries, too. De Novo Wines, JC Cellars, Tricycle Wine Company, Dashe Cellars and Eno Wines are some of them. Proud of their fine tasting wines, these wineries accepts visits and wine tours by appointment so check your calendar and book the nice stretch limousine from Dardi Limousine Services and call the wineries for a winery-hopping day. Consult with your professional limo chauffeur on estimated travel time before you fix the wine tour visits to each of the wineries on the itinerary. Your chauffeur should be able to accurately estimate the time you need to be on the road as you head to the first winery and then to the next. Your friends have no reasons to complain as they join you in a most relaxing and comfortable vineyard-hopping trip on board the beautiful and elegant Dardi black stretch limo.

What better way to enjoy the wines and the views in the Bay Area than with a luxurious and fabulous Dardi stretch limo superbly driven by a professional and friendly chauffeur. It’s the fabulous Bay Area way of wine tasting.