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The Biggest (and Most Expensive) Frustration for Travelers? Weather Delays

At some point in your life, we are going to assume that you have had to make a trip to the airport. And we all know that this is rarely something that is quick and easy. No one likes to travel to the airport because there are just so many hassles involved with it. The traffic, the parking, the delays are just a few of the most common.

But, one of the worst unforeseen issues that come with airport travel has to be weather delays. With weather issues happening across the US during the year like tornadoes, wildfires, blizzards and driving rain storms, the first thing that gets affected is flying. Take a moment virtually any day of the year and note that there will be at least a handful of major airports all over the country that are experiencing delays because of weather issues.

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And, what’s worse, is there is usually very little flexibility on the part of the airline to solve the problem and get you home on time. Rarely, if a flight is delayed for hours or into the night, will the airline let you take a new flight without charging an exorbitant change fee. And, if you are at an airport that has a ground delay due to a weather issue, that means you are out of luck, because no flights are taking off.

So, not only are weather delays causing you and your family to either be delayed in leaving on vacation or getting home, it’s also incredibly frustrating because of the costs associated. Airport parking can be very expensive, especially in some of the big metropolitan regions like San Francisco, New York and Chicago. Parking even a few days overnight at any of these airports are going to cost you over $100, easily.

And, of course, that cost is for the economy long term parking lot, which are always miles away from the airport and generally involve taking a shuttle bus to get back and forth. If you are someone who parks right at one of those expensive terminal lots, the cost is going to be far higher.

So, any weather delays means that parking is getting more and more expensive by the hour. This is going to be true especially if there are weather issues, because you won’t be able to get out of the airport, so you have no choice but to just wait it out, at a very high cost.

This is why so many people are looking to take a limousine transport to and from the airport. A limo service tracks and follows your flight, so they always know when there is a delay and when you actually will be landing. There will be no trekking to the economy lot to pay all those extra fees, Dardi Limo is going to follow your flight and meet you right at the gate or just outside the airport, on time, every time. After a long day of hassles and delays, a limo service is the first step to relaxing on the ride home.