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  1. Impress a Client by Sending a Luxury Car for an Airport Pickup

    July 8, 2013 by Omi

    The greater San Francisco Bay area is home to a lot of incredible companies. Not to mention that pretty famous area just on the outskirts called Silicon Valley. Silicon Valley is home to some of the most innovated tech companies in the world. Companies that are household names like Apple, Google and Facebook all call the area home. But, there are a variety of other fantastic businesses that are also located in the Bay Area as well.

    So, it is not hard to imagine that they get a ton of visitors who fly in and out of the Bay Area to conduct business like making deals or signing on for sponsorship. And you can bet that Mark Zuckerberg is not heading off to the airport to pick up the latest big wig, instead Facebook send a luxury car for pick up. This helps to do two things, first it gives a client the impression that they are special and it also takes the weight off of them for navigating once they arrive.