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South San Francisco

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South San Francisco, The Industrial City or simply South City – is waiting to be explored. The best way to do that is to get a reliable touring partner.

Dardi Limousine service is a topnotch premier transportation service that can bring you around the city, at the outskirts or wherever you need to be. Tour the city the grand way with Dardi’s fleet of luxurious and comfortable sedans and SUVs and the ever classy and elegant stretch limo. If you need to travel in style and comfort, Dardi Limousine service is the right choice. You can enjoy a comfortable ride all throughout.

Airport Pick up, Drop Off and Transfer Service from South San Francisco 

Need someone to take you to the airport? Dardi’s luxury sedan driven by a professional chauffeur will take you to any of the major airports below:

  • San Jose International Airport (SJC) – 37.2
  • Oakland International Airport (OAK) – 29.7 miles
  • San Francisco International Airport (SFO) –  12.2 miles

Leave the driving and worrying about airport parking to the chauffeur. Enjoy a relaxing ride as the chauffeur drives through the less navigated streets towards the airport. Be at the airport with more free time to have a cup of cappuccino before the flight.

Cheer for the South San Francisco High School’s football team 

Call on your batch mates to cheer and support your alma mater’s football team as they play out their rival El Camino High School in the annual Bell Game. Arrive together at the football field in a luxury SUV and feel the energy of the game as you make your way inside the field. Let your chauffeur park SUV. You’ll never have to worry about what time the game will finish since you won’t be driving anyway!

‘Biotech it Away’ with Genentech 

Genentech, one of the world’s largest biotech companies call South San Francisco home, with its corporate headquarters located in the city. It is the city’s top employer along with the world’s largest biotech firm Amgen. Each year Genentech sponsors a community event where they pick 20 scholars to pursue a college degree in biotechnology. This annual event is a big city affair and the city government gives it full support. Witness this year’s ‘Biotech it Away’ event and tell the chauffeur of the classic Lincoln town car to bring you to event’s venue. Rub elbows with Genentech’s top brass executives and VIPs. You might win them out with a possible business venture.

Organize a wine tasting tour at Diamond Oaks Vineyard in a Limo

Take a wine tour with your girl buddies in a stretch limo matched with a top rate chauffeur. Enjoy the smooth ride and the spectacular view of the hilly terrain as you traverse through hills and valleys on the way to the vineyard. Choose the best tasting wines and bring a bottle or two for everyone to enjoy on the way back to the city. No worries if you all have to knock down one bottle inside the Limo. Your chauffeur will take you all home safely.

The Best Prom Night Ever! 

Your daughter’s been waiting for the big night – it’s prom night. And as they make their way to the front door, a black shiny stretch limo stopped and the chauffeur in black tux got out of the car to lead them into the limo. The astonished look on your daughter’s face was enough to know she would have a blast at the prom. Getting off a stretch limo? Come on!

"South San Francisco the Industrial City"General South San Francisco Information:

South San Francisco is located at San Mateo County in California with a modest population of 63,632 loveable people. While not known as a tourist destination Sign Hill, found on the north of the city is almost inviting everyone from afar to come and visit South San Francisco, with its huge white sign that reads: “South San Francisco the Industrial City”. Sign Hill has become a key landmark of the city.

The only way you can uncover the beauty of South San Francisco City is by entrusting your transportation needs with the excellent services of Dardi Limousine. You can choose from their fleet of luxury vehicles – one that will suit your specific touring or raveling itinerary for the day. You can have it classy and elegant with the stretch limo, or contemporary yet stylish luxury SUVs and sedans or classic beauty with Lincoln town car. Whatever your pick, you will surely enjoy the comfort and convenience.

Zip codes for South San Francisco are 94080, 94083 and 94099.