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Why People Leave Their Hearts in San Francisco

People who live within the San Francisco Bay Area are known to have a lifestyle of spending a lot of time outdoors. This part of California teems with numerous attractions and tourist spots where both foreign and local tourists can definitely enjoy. The sights and sounds of this area rarely fail to elicit thrill and excitement to anyone whether a first-time visitor or a long-time resident.

Big Basin State Park, California

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No matter what your interests or hobbies are, you can find a lot of good things when you’re in the area. If hiking is your game, be amazed at the towering Redwoods in Mt. Madonna and Big Basin State Parks. If you’re an avid fan of the sun, sand and sea then the seaside cities of Capitola and Santa Cruz will definitely delight you. You might even get the tan that you’ve been wanting right here in these places. While you are taking a tour of the world-renowned Winchester Mystery House or the enchanting Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum and have a taste of history, you can leave your little kids at the Children’s Finding Museum located in downtown San Jose. Your youngsters will enjoy the various exhibits plus they can get to create their own kinetic sculptures in the Ball Tower. If your little ones are inclined to music, they can watch children’s musical productions at the park nearby.

Crab Louie's, Santa Cruz Wharf

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Other attractions that are found in the Bay Area include sporting activities like the minor Little League and Children’s League where both participants and the sport’s enthusiasts can enjoy. After cheering for your favorite team, you can then hop aboard one of Dardi car service’s Lincoln town cars and head to Crab Louie’s at the Santa Cruz wharf for a sumptuous meal of your favorite fresh sea foods. It is one of the many restaurants that provide a scenic view of the Bay Area.

After dinner you can choose to view the bright lights of the Golden Gate Bridge which serves as the gateway to San Francisco. As you cross this magnificent 65-story high structure, you can see another world-famous tourist attraction, the Alcatraz Prison, an infamous federal penitentiary that is strategically located at the center of San Francisco Bay.

Of course, you must never leave the city without paying a visit to the Fisherman’s Wharf. Aside from an incredible view of the San Francisco Bay and the most popular bridge in the country, this area offers live music, entertainment and shopping to your heart’s content. It is a must-stop location for couples because it provides a romantic ambience especially during sunset. If you feel you had enough of walking, you can ride in a cable car that will take you anywhere in the city.

San Francisco is a city that many couples choose to go to as it is one of the most romantic places found on the West Coast. You won’t run out of things to do and see in this wonderful place that has the perfect weather all throughout the year. No wonder many people who have gone to this place have said that they left their hearts in it!