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The Quinceanera is a traditional celebration that is held to celebrate the coming of age of the young girl in the family. Usually, it happens on the 15th birthday and is considered a major event in the average South American girl’s life.  Just like a wedding, people plan for many months or even years before the Quinceanera. To make this event extra special, many people hire a limousine service in San Jose for transportation. This is the ultimate way to make the day truly special!

Trust Dardi’s Quinceanera Limousine!

As mentioned, a reliable limousine service in San Jose can make a huge difference on a busy day such as this one. Not only will our Quinceanera limousine be the ideal vehicle to ferry the beautiful Quinceanera, our chauffeurs will also conduct themselves in a manner befitting this happy occasion. As per tradition, the Quinceanera consists of  a chambelan who is to escort the celebrated young lady. The birthday girl is also accompanied by the maids of honor (called damas) and their respective chambelanes as well. There can be up to seven such pairs. The Quinceanera party is very similar to the wedding party. Many are involved. Trust Dardi’s Quinceanera limousine to escort every single person to and from home, to the church, and then to the reception hall for the party.

Quinceanera Limousine | Limousine Service In San Jose | San Jose Limousine

San Jose Limousine

Residents in and around the Bay area can rest assured that our San Jose limousine service can be available at a moment’s notice! Even though this beautiful event has been planned and scheduled, things do happen. The drivers insist they will stay available until the very end of the party. They will wait for the guests and provide them with ultimate transportation in a timely manner. Not one member of the Quinceanera party will arrive late!

Most limousines are extremely formal means of transportation. They are just larger cars that can transport many individuals. Dardi’s not only gives you a large car; Dardi’s gives you luxury! Models are available in different colors and styles, including white or black and even a Hummer version. Not only can the outside be unique to your tastes, there is a lot to choose on the inside in terms of options. Leather seats are featured in most models. This leather is the best available and is soft and supple. Sitting on the seats of Dardi’s Limousines is like being at home. The vehicles are very comfortable. Great sound systems are also available in each and every model. Providing this party with music is a top concern! Some vehicles also include televisions and dvd players. This can be a great way to play a video montage of the celebrated young lady. Lighting, including fiber optic lights on the ceiling and spotlights, are also options!  Let’s not forget that each vehicle comes equipped with champagne flutes so everyone can toast with some sparkling  juice!

Dardi’s not only understand the importance of this most special day, they offer many packages that are specifically customized for the celebration! Not only will you be please with their knowledge and experience, you will greatly appreciate how much care they put in to their service. You will be glad you chose Dardi’s San Jose limousine service for this special day!