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Dardi Cab Service allows you to get by the daily hustle and bustle by keeping you free from the common burdens associated with driving; allowing you to travel in style, whenever, wherever and for whatever occasion.

Airport Pick Up, Drop Off & Transfer Service from Newark

Time is a precious commodity. And if you want to secure it, you should keep clear tabs on your itinerary and a realistic estimate of the distance you have to travel.

  • Norman Y. Mineta San Jose International Airport (KSJC): 19.3 miles
  • Oakland International Airport (OAK): 19.9 miles
  • San Francisco International Airport (SFO): 35 miles

The last thing you want to do when taking a vacation is compromise your itinerary because you are running late. So have a car service pick you up when you arrive at the airport and then drive you from one destination to another, without any delay.

Looking to Get That Adrenalin Fix before Your Meeting?

Newark is a city teeming with parks and recreation facilities where you can get your sweat on and pump up your circulation. But it can be quite a challenge to get thirty minutes to an hour of exercise in the Silliman Center and then have enough of a leeway to go back to your hotel, attend to your hygiene and then address your business affairs. Nevertheless, there are town car options you can avail of to make every minute you can spare count. No more worrying about not finding a cab or getting stuck in traffic. With highly efficient drivers, you get to adhere to your regular exercise routine and still make it to that 8 o’clock conference.

Newark, California FullBloom Banking CompanyKeeping Up Appearances during Corporate Events

If you are an employee of the FullBloom Banking Company, you need to keep an upright and glamorous persona. Otherwise, investors would think twice about entrusting your firm with their money. So when you have to attend a company party with stockholders, see to it that you exude the same prestige and power your organization does. Put on your best penguin suit, pull up in a grand limo service and impress with a gallant façade.

Avoid Newark Days Parking Woes

Newark Day is celebrated every late September for four days to commemorate the city’s establishment back in 1955. And it is often highlighted by a running event, followed by a parade and a public carnival. Obviously, this draws in crowds. And fun as it may sound; this should make driving downtown a big nightmare. However, if you have chauffeured transportation secured, you don’t have worry about finding your way or acquiring parking space when you want to join in the festivities. And as an added bonus, you can even pick up several of your friends without any hassle and have all of you attend the shindig together.

Give Your Kid That Ultimate Prom Fantasy

What kid doesn’t want to look like a rock star when he pulls up to the drive way of his prom venue? Give your kid that privilege this one time and get him that limo service you never had but always looked forward to as a kid. He only gets to attend once. So make that portion of his young life live up to his fantasies.

Want to Make Memories Last during Your Kid’s DeVry University Graduation?

Graduation is an important milestone in every person’s life. So get to the DeVry school grounds early in a car service and afford your kid that opportunity to immortalize the scene with his friends. Don’t rob him of the chance to bask in the moment by coming in late and giving him no other choice but to rush into the ceremony. He deserves as much. Besides, such eventful day should not be wasted first thing in the morning with arguments and travel-related stress.

General Newark Information:

Newark, California is located in Alameda and has a population of 42,573 people. It once served as home to Ohlone Indians before Spanish missionaries settled in and took over the place. If you intend to make a stopover in this city, it would be wise for you to learn directions, events and points of interests through the official Newark website. Or you could check out its Wikipedia page and learn a thing or two about its tourist sights.

Dardi Car Service is a local luxury cab service provider that offers the most reliable high end limousines, SUVs and Sedans for hire. Expect only the best and most efficient transportation assistance for all your travel needs, whether in Newark or in other parts of California.

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