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Must Try Bars and Lounges within California State

If there is one other thing California is known for other than its beaches, it is that of its nightlife. And if you are visiting over the weekend or for a month, you can always trust to have a good time within any of its famous cities. Living the high life is easy when you are surrounded with fun and exciting people. But it gets even easier if you are placed within the vicinity of the following bars and clubs.

If you are in Palo Alto for business, make sure to mix it up with a little pleasure through Alberto’s serving of sultry dancing, mixed drinks and fine Spanish cuisine. This entertaining night club offers bachata and salsa lessons every Monday and Friday respectively and serves up the best music to keep people on their toes and on the floor the whole night. If you wish to just party up, you could drop by Club Illusions for cocktails and disco tunes. Now, if you are more inclined to participate in the traditional bar scene, you could visit Ruby’s Pub in University Avenue, and indulge in all American fares, live music, a jukebox session and a game of pool. Other casual hang outs in the area would be Antonio’s Nut House and Club Rodeo, where you can just lounge with your friends and talk over a few bottles. Or you could turn your attention to Azteca Taqueria, located in 321 California Avenue, and add a little bit of Mexican flavor to that plan.

San Jose, CA Studio 8 ClubIn San Jose, you have the option of going to Studio 8 at South 1st Street, where they serve the best mixed drinks and the highest form of entertainment. It is the largest club in the area and you can have the VIP lounge reserved for whatever purpose you can think of. However, if you and your friends are just looking to chill and eat great food, you could drive up to Meridian Avenue and seek Rookie’s Sports Lodge for their tasty treats. It’s a favorite local haunt, especially amen, with its 15 inch flat screen televisions and its cozy as well as lively setting. Now, if you want high-quality grilled servings with a side of exquisite wine, you could visit San Jose Bar and Grill, conveniently located downtown. It is every businessman’s dream party nest, with its menu, facilities and atmosphere. And it provides a simple transition to any other destination once the revelry is over.

Fremont, CA Kirby's Sports BarFremont is a thriving community in Alameda County that is considered the fourth most populous in the San Francisco Bay Area. So it’s no surprise to find a lot of great watering holes in the area, one being The Saddle Rack. Here you get dancing, loud, crisp sounds, great food service, a Red Bull Specialty Bar, a “Margarita Chair” and of course, a mechanical bull. In Fremont Boulevard, there’s Kirby’s Sports Bar where you can enjoy a calm, welcoming atmosphere, while sharing drinks and watching good-looking people come by. However, if you want a plusher, sophisticated club setting, you could get yourself to Mowry Avenue, at Huddle, with your girlfriends. Be early though because it tends to get crowded as it approaches midnight. You might not get a suitable parking space, let alone get in.