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How to Avoid the High Costs Associated With Parking at the Airport

Travel can be very expensive today. Between the airlines charging new baggage fees to hotel prices that skyrocket during the summer, it is hard not to see the bank account suffer a little bit during vacation season. However, when most people are planning for a vacation they forget to calculate another cost: airport parking.

When many are getting ready to head off to the airport and think ‘Oh, I’ll just park it in the lot,’ they forget that parking at the airport can easily add a couple of hundred of dollars to the final cost of the trip. Something so many completely forget about until its too late.

Or, what about remembering to always keep track of the car keys and parking information. How many people get off a long flight, grab all of their luggage from the carousel and then have to dig around in their bags trying to find that parking ticket from two weeks ago? If that ticket is gone, that is bad news, and a costly mistake that unfortunately happens quite often. When people are out on vacation, the last thing they want to think about is that little slip of paper being lost of misplaced.

A 2009 study done of over 5,900 parking facilities across the United States by the National Parking Association found that on average the daily rate in airports to self park for 24 hours was just under $25 a day. And for those interested in using airport valet parking the rate is even higher, coming in at over $27 a day! So, it is easy to imagine that if you are gone for just a typical short trip such as a 4 day weekend and park your car at the airport you are facing a $100 fee upon exiting. This is not a good feeling for most people who are returning home from vacation.

Now, for those who are thinking that parking in an economy lot is going to be a lot more economical, the case isn’t really true since parking for a day in one of these lots is just under $18 a day. And that doesn’t count in the time it takes to park, wait for a shuttle and take the ten or fifteen minute ride back to the airport terminals. And, if you are going on a vacation for a week or ten days, the costs really do add up!

This is where Dardi Limos comes in. Avoid paying those out of touch parking fees by hiring a limousine for transport to and from the airport. Not only will passengers be able to ride in both style in comfort in any one of our luxury vehicles, but having a driver worry about the details takes all of those extra little annoyances out of the equation.

By having a limousine service set up for airport transportation, customers know that they are not going to have to worry about any hidden costs or how much something like a weather delay is going to cost them down the road. All that needs to be thought about is having fun on vacation.