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Don’t Hold Back On the Celebration When In California

Marriage is an inevitable part of being in relationships. And it can be both daunting and exciting at the same time. It’s no secret that the limitations set by the sacrament of matrimony kind of puts a damper on things. But then again, you get to start this whole new adventure with a person you really love. Now in spite of this trade, there is no reason for you and your friends to hold back on a few pleasantries as the big day approaches as it is customary to celebrate your last days of being single with everything you could never do when married. Fortunately, when in California, you have a number of options. And below are some of the “must-visit” venues for some fun and “recreational” activities.

If you are in Sunnyvale, you could check out Brass Rail on Persian Drive for some entertainment. This bikini bar employs reasonably attractive women with a great personality and attracts a mix of patrons, from Silicon Valley’s professionals to the colorful natives of San Jose. So you won’t ever feel out of place or intimidated by the crowd. Dancing is strictly on stage so don’t expect or request a lap dance, otherwise, you’d be escorted out the door. And there is no nudity here, so you’d feel more at ease about the possibility of being tempted to cheat on your fiancé. In addition, there’s also the Cheetahs Gentlemen’s Club on Arques Avenue and El Camino Real’s Hip Hugger and Sporty’s Club.

Brix at 1st street, San JoseFor women, you could drive down to San Jose and visit Brix at First Street, with your wedding entourage for their drink specials and great party atmosphere. There are two outdoor patios you can reserve for a casual hangout. Or you could ask the staff to set you up with a table near the stage where you could feast your eyes on handsome and well-built gogo dancers. There’s no need to worry about getting into trouble because this facility is actually GLBT-centric with a hetero following. On that note, you could also check out Lido Nightclub and Splash Bar & Grill, in case the aforementioned gets crowded before you arrive.

Now, if none of the wedding parties want to see some skin, there are thousands of viable clubs you could all visit just to get down and let loose. There’s Zen Lounge in Castro Street, Mountain View, if you desire a more chic and sophisticated environment, inspired by Asian architecture and contemporary trends. Or you could live it up in Monte Carlo Night Club with pre-arrange VIP accommodations. This Latin-influenced dance haven follows a strict guest list. So you have to be on time and in line, otherwise, you might not get in.

Mandala Lounge, San Mateo, CaliforniaIn San Mateo, the bride and groom have the option of going to the Mandala Lounge, which is an elegant, Eastern influenced bar that serves delicious cocktails and progressive entertainment. They could also head to The Clubhouse Bistro in Foster City, which is known to be the most popular nightclub, restaurant and cocktail lounge in the area. It is perfect for those happy-hour meet-ups or private parties. And they serve an impressive selection of drinks, appetizers, and entrees. Hence, you don’t only get to celebrate; you also are able to satiate yourself and your guests.